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Wood box painted black for 500 ml olive oil bottle with accessories


Dimension: 32.50 x 14.50 x 10.00 cm


For professional sommeliers and/or as a gift to stun someone special with this 100% Italian made gift box.


Give your friends and family? How about your boss, coworkers, clients or employees? How about family & friends?

Consider giving something unique yet affordable while making sure they will appreciate your gifts and won’t be just a typical things from around the typical stores!!!


Giving is receiving! Entertain your loved ones with new, unique and specialty treats this year. 


PS: limited stock.


PS: 500 ml olive oil is NOT included (only accessories are). Olive oil of your choice from BABUNI can be added with extra order but will be discounted. Simply add extra on your cart if you want any EVO or other items such as truffle oils or vinegars etc.


Olive Oil Tasting Kit (Gift Box Set with accessories)

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