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Taste the Difference



At BABUNI, you will find some of the rarest and hard to find unique gourmet items that will elevate your taste buds.

Are we the largest?
Nope, probably one of the smallest. So what makes us so unique and special?
As a local company, we're proud of a reputation built on quality and hard work, a reputation synonymous with excellence and the highest standards.

Give us a try! We’re sure you’ll enjoy the products.


We partner exclusively with trusted growers /farmers/apiaries who are passionate about their harvest, to offer you the best from their farm to your table.


BABUNI is a collection and showcase of some of the best gourmet products for our North American clients especially. With each item being handpicked and selected under strict criteria to ensure not only the right taste, but also, the best source and ingredients.

This name is dedicated to the memory of BABUNI, our youngest brother who passed away at the age of only 16 in 1996 from pancreatic cancer. BABUNI's spirit remains with us, his sharp manner, an outstanding academic record and beautiful heart is the soul of all we stand for.

In honor of BABUNI, we are committed to making a difference and a proud partner of Sick Kids . For every product sold, BABUNI donates a portion of the proceeds to Sick Kids because we believe a brighter future starts today.
Join us in making a difference in people's lives in support of such great cause.

The “BABUNI” brand is synonymous to a holistic approach for its products. 

Quality in the meticulous research of gastronomic traditions with products ranging from specialty gourmet items to condiments, sauces and local products that tell the best flavors of household and daily cuisine. 

Quality in the packaging, unique and exclusively handmade. 

Quality and Price are a winning combination for the company, ensuring the authenticity of its products and timely delivery.  

Delivery Service

Free Shipping

To make your shopping even more convenient, we offer free shipping on all orders over100$ + within the US and Canada. So go ahead and order the perfect gifts from the comfort of your own home.


Support Local

All our goods ship from Canada & the US only

At BABUNI's Gourmet & Specialty Market, we take pride in supporting local producers and artisans. That's why our local honeys are 100% Canadian, made with ecologically sustainable practices, and unpasteurized to preserve their natural qualities.

Guaranteed Quality

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality gourmet and specialty pantry items. Our products have received numerous awards for their exceptional taste and craftsmanship, and we guarantee your satisfaction with every purchase.

Delivering Freshness Everyday

At BABUNI, we are committed to delivering the freshest ingredients to our customers everyday. We carefully source products from the best producers around the world, and make sure they are delivered to your doorsteps as quickly as possible. With our fast and reliable delivery service you can be sure that your ingredients will always be fresh and ready to use.

We Take Sustainability Seriously

At BABUNI, we believe sustainability is essential to the future of food industry. That's why we're committed to using sustainable practices in everything we do. From sourcing our products from ethical producers to using eco-friendly packaging, we are always looking to minimize our impact on the environment.

Supporting Local Products

We believe in supporting local communities and small-scale producers. That's why, we work closely with local farmers and artisans from around the world to bring you the freshest ingredients. By supporting local products, we are not only helping to sustain local businesses, but also promoting diversity and preserving traditional food cultures.

Save Every Day

At BABUNI, we love to help our customers save on their grocery bills. That's why we offer specials on a wide range of products.

Save on essential pantry, home & kitchen, health & beauty every month without having to sacrifice the quality and values for your family.

Come back often to check what

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