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Gourmet Gift Set/ Box (Romeo & Juliet) (ONE of a kind) BEST seller

Aged Balsamic Condiment Rosé ( 5 + years aged in barrels)

Sofi™ Gold Award Winner, 2023.


Superior quality condiment Rosé, result of the slow aging (minimum 5years) of Ancellotta grapes in ash barrels. The rose condiment has a very bright pink color, limpid, and has a delicate and fresh flavor that delights the palate.


Pairings: It's a perfect companion to cured and raw meat, vegetables and grilled fish


Gourmet Gift Set/ Box (Romeo & Juliet) (ONE of a kind) BEST seller

  • AGED WITH TRUFFLE BALSAMIC CONDIMENT ( 5 + years aged in barrels) 100 ML

    ​The delicate flavor of the white truffle and cooked grape must joined together to obtain a condiment with a special perfume and an intense taste. Instead of white truffle flakes with risotto, soft and hard cheeses, meat, poultry game, eggs

    Ingredients: cooked must, white vinegar, white truffle.

    ​Density: 1.20, ​Acidity: 5 %

    Color: Black, Bottle: 100 ml

    100% natural product. It does not contain preservatives, dyes, thickeners or added sulphites

    tips: ideal for gifting, holidays, housewarming, corporate gifts, special gifts, gourmet gifts, foodie gifts.

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