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Liquid Gold Subscription Club:



Highlight of the CLUB (SPECIAL promotion):


Liquid Gold for 6 Months:

Send your loved ones or colleague or families six months of liquid sunshine gold.


We deliver this club that starts with a first cold pressed Award Winning Olive oil 500 ml each month for 6 months.




  • Includes a digital simple to make homemade salad dressing recipe.


  • Yes, we will also include FREE SHIPPING which means 1 bottle EVO (500 ml) each month for 6 months,


  • We also add (one FREE bottle of white balsamic vinegar dressing literally WOW factor that goes hand in hand with BABUNI olive oil) for the first month as a gift. A 25$ value.


A great gift for the gourmets in your life or an excellent way to develop your own olive oil credentials whether you are a foodie or a family guy who loves to cook out of passion or simply you are a chef!


Promise you won't be disappointed.

Quality and authenticity met!

Liquid Sunshine Gold (Olive Oil) for 6 Months

We will notify you once restocked
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