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First Cold Pressed Olive Oil.


Superior category Extra Virgin olive Oil. The cold pressed of three cultivar Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo of 100% Italian origin gives life to its unmistakable flavor balanced and fruity. Ideal for use both raw and cooking, to give a sweet and genuine note to each dish, without covering the original taste.


​Low acidity and non-filtered extra virgin olive oil, obtained from the first olive's squeezing by mechanical processes, without using any chemical processes or substances.


Only fresh olives of first quality collected and squeezed.​


Pallets and notes: Buttery and smooth. Low acidity. Fruity and softly pungent.​


The extra virgin olive oil is a food rich in nutritional and metabolic features that make it unique in taste, flavor and fragrance. Furthermore, it's a healthy and genuine dressing that can increase daily diet consumption of fats and specific vitamin essentials.​


Origin: 100% made and packaged with Family recipe in Umbria, Italy.



500 ml glass bottles.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% ITALIAN Olives, 500 ml

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