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  • Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale Reggio Emilia DOP (EXTTRAVECCHIO) 25+ yr old aged (Consorzio Tutela Certified)
  • A treasure trove of delights for the palate to discover and savor, drop by drop, and rigorously straight from the bottle.
  • The particular persistency of its flavor makes it the perfect elixir to round off a meal but its extraordinarily rich aroma and taste make for some astonishing and memorable pairings with a variety of cheeses and desserts.
  • To experience the full complexity of its noble and highly intense combination of perfumes and scents, try some on its own in a small glass:
  • In the kitchen: Given its precious value, it is a product suitable for meditation or to be enjoyed in drops. Particularly suitable to accompany Parmigiano Reggiano, strawberries or ice cream.
  • Ingredients: 100 % local Italian grapes. It is a 100% natural product. It does not contain preservatives, dyes, thickeners or added sulphites


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