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Indulge in the rich and authentic flavors of Umbria with our Artisan Traditional Umbrian Stringozzi (Spaghetti 250 gr.). Made with only two ingredients - durum wheat semolina and water - this pasta is processed using a traditional rolling mill method, without any extrusion or pressure. This preserves the purity of the product, keeping it uncontaminated and true to its origins. Exclusively made with semolina grown and milled in Italy, this pasta is the epitome of quality and flavor.


The flavoured ones have a little percentage of the pure products, no artificial flavours.


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For example,the truffle stringozzi have the 1% of truffle and the saffron stringozzi have 0,2% of saffron plus turmeric.


Artisan Traditional Umbrian Truffle Stringozzi 250 gr

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  • Pair up with BABUNI truffle pesto or truffle sauce, truffle ols for incredible and mouth watering homemade dinner for friends & families with love.

    Perfect for pairing with your favorite sauces, this stringozzi pasta is a must-try for any pasta lover.

    Add it to your pantry today and experience the true taste of Italy.

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